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Project Details

Located in the heart of Al Majan at Mazin district, this project resulting from the conceptual work of the company, takes the measure of a site to support the idea that solidity can be a sustainable model for the city. The project brings out basement parking, ground, seven typical floors, and a roof, defined in a coherent way according to the environment, the characteristics of sunshine and the urban study carried out in the site. The chosen design create an astonishing and generous spatiality.

  • 1945SQ.M
  • 117
  • Dubai
  • In Progress

Project Challenges

Depending on the limits set by the government, the main contractor  shall be able to develop a project in line with local rules and have a more precise idea of the costs associated with the work.

Our success in this project

Excellent evaluation of the construction project budget. Because we know that all the construction projects require a good evaluation of the budget, and an estimation of the expenses to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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